Logan Paul

Logan Paul
Logan Paul

24 year old kid in Hollywood making crazy daily Vlogs!
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    Lana look more beautiful while fliming

  • Karina May
    Karina May


  • i suck at YouTube
    i suck at YouTube

    I didn't noticed that that was bella throne

  • Ruta Ozoliņa
    Ruta Ozoliņa

    Wrold is not flat its found we arent falling cose theres a shild

  • DrRamz

    Who thinks Logan should bring the throwing plate meme back only ogs remember 😭🤣

  • Andrei Osh De guzman
    Andrei Osh De guzman

    Jesus is coming soon Accept him as your Lord and Savior before its too Late🙏

  • FaZnonStop

    Who's here after mayweather fight ?

  • Supriya

    My true feeling

  • FSHSTCK tf up
    FSHSTCK tf up

    Floyd gon knock him out no prob

  • viggo

    i am not sure about were i have seen the girl in the sofa in 1:44...

  • Supriya

    Goodness why am I getting this 3 years later

  • Bsm bizzare Adventure
    Bsm bizzare Adventure

    13:55 bro i couldn't even recognize u wtf u look so different

  • murat karanfil
    murat karanfil



    I know he lost but the song is fire 😂

  • Ti papi
    Ti papi

    my parents are vorking fore 3 dollar for 1h

  • Interprise YT
    Interprise YT

    I love how Logan just dodged every single punch in second round

  • IsaacDraws

    Broley vlogs better than anyone else


    funk bros o my god

  • Farhan Ahmad
    Farhan Ahmad

    I miss the ayoo good morning logang so much

  • MrCreeperPlayz

    bro u said i'm out like u were on shark tank

  • living life in dubai
    living life in dubai

    Bro I have 1 box of thise

  • Edgar Silverio
    Edgar Silverio

    Iogan paul is better then jake paul

  • Carlos Santiago
    Carlos Santiago

    This is actually in watchdata most disliked videos

  • 13 Trouts
    13 Trouts


  • ohohliquor

    Can't stop laughing at that last scene with Logan's lifted by Evan.... Daaaamn, that was so funny!!!

  • Jesse

    Anyone here in 2021?

  • T.Arca13

    Try Manny Pacquiao I'll definitely going to pay to watch you get beat up..

  • 1M00N

    This was on my birthday

  • Nav Nav
    Nav Nav

    Who’s here after the maywether fight

  • Mr Edrick 132214
    Mr Edrick 132214

    7:46 Yo! I just realized the first time we sew Spencer, was logan and the parachute incident but no! it's this video

  • Gold Gold
    Gold Gold

    Ha ha he hit him and he got on the ground so hard

  • Riley Cuthbert
    Riley Cuthbert

    to this day that fight was topped way to early

  • Unthinkable

    I’m getting a gold first addition charzard and a Vmax gold rainbow charzard

  • Farhan Ahmad
    Farhan Ahmad


  • depi steiner
    depi steiner

    Logan has the perfect male body !!!


    This is the first thing i saw on my recommendations when i opened ILcomp.

  • Dum Ngwe
    Dum Ngwe

    Says he like the kid never brings him back tho

  • LegitAsh

    Pasa putki nunu haga What i said it is in bangla Translate it it will show amazing things :,)

  • Hangover Chat
    Hangover Chat

    yeah but like how do you know it's round

  • SkeelsYt. ,
    SkeelsYt. ,

    Logan barely tried

  • Chris Brian
    Chris Brian

    This was surprisingly hilarious

  • Giovanni Diciero
    Giovanni Diciero

    Come back to Toronto pls

  • Abhishek Gusain
    Abhishek Gusain

    One of the few video of Logan heaving more likes than dislikes.

  • reshmi prathap
    reshmi prathap


  • Chris Brian
    Chris Brian

    Can imagine all those people been like wow, we just recruited a celebrity

  • Benjamin Valdez
    Benjamin Valdez

    3:39 scared the living shit out of me 🤣

  • Marc Copty
    Marc Copty

    I never seen you cry

  • Cook Ing
    Cook Ing


  • Miss Builder29
    Miss Builder29

    Don't tell me you hide him

  • Miss Builder29
    Miss Builder29

    Can you reply the video I saw him

  • no one
    no one

    logan really thought he would get 20 millions viesw again😅😅

  • Zayed-437- Team
    Zayed-437- Team


  • Jayden Bergh
    Jayden Bergh

    crazy how far you’ve come ❤️ congrats bro 👑🔥

  • Anas wajih
    Anas wajih

    Logan Paul you suck why did you do that you suck I just don’t like poop

  • Maribel Sanchez
    Maribel Sanchez

    He should fight Austin Mcbroom

  • Anthony Villa
    Anthony Villa

    You will be missed long ur gone but not forgotten and rip maverick ur both gone but not forgotten Logan I hope ur felling good and sorry for ur loss it could be hard losing the 2 best and coolest animals ever and most famous rip we all love u kong and maverick ❤️

  • Doodle Miss Noodle
    Doodle Miss Noodle

    im not gonna lie ... read more

  • s16LACK

    This song slaps even tho he lost it still does slap

  • s16LACK

    Im still here after all this song slap ngl

  • Rayfeb Buhe
    Rayfeb Buhe

    Logan the boxer

  • 1saniye

    Türk yok mu lan

  • Da chilli
    Da chilli

    Aged like fine wine

  • nonya business
    nonya business

    Fight meeeee

  • nonya business
    nonya business

    What even are you 🤣🤣 come fight me boyyy

  • Abu Sarah
    Abu Sarah

    which song did he use 2:25

  • reshmi prathap
    reshmi prathap


  • Carly Adams
    Carly Adams

    this was the best day of my life

  • Katsuki Bakugou
    Katsuki Bakugou

    Why dont we was on drugs when they agreed to this 👍

    • Ruairi Doyle
      Ruairi Doyle


  • Elon Musk ✓
    Elon Musk ✓

    I am Elon Musk

  • Linda Wold
    Linda Wold

    Does Jake smoke

  • Ptao Tom
    Ptao Tom

    I miss when they didn’t fight

  • unaeK K
    unaeK K

    36:46 Shadowless First edition error bulbasaur with the card showing length twice

  • Fulu Mukwevho
    Fulu Mukwevho

    I feel so stupid for wasting my view 😡


    *Imagine telling your inmates that you got tazed in your ass by jack paul*

  • Jack Groves
    Jack Groves

    He’s gotta he over 120 full grown prolly

  • Thegamingkay

    when you are born thats your chance to change the world . And that is what you did. thank you